Here's some of the latest events we've got going on.

August 14

Have you accepted Christ into your heart and ready to show the world your rebirth? Getting baptized is you showing the world of the change that has taken place in your heart and we want to share this moment with you. Sign up today!

August 21st

No matter if you're newlyweds, seasoned or not even married yet, this seminar will give you and your spouse the tools and knowledge you need for a healthy marriage. Pastor Jim has been teaching on this subject and counseling couples for over 40 years and wants to share with you how your marriage can be strong when we focus on each other and God. Your registration fee of $25 per person will cover all meals and course materials you'll need. This course may take a couple of sessions to complete and the event details will be updated continuously, an email will be sent to you notifying you of any changes. Sign up today and reserve your spot!