Here is our plan for the REVAMP Fund.

What is the REVAMP Fund?

Hey everyone, this is Pastor Adam, your Executive Pastor at LHCC. I've proposed this REVAMP Fund in order to keep the church growing, not just in numbers but in our spiritual lives as well. Today's world is totally different than it was 20 years ago, and this means that the way we communicate has drastically changed with it. Did you know that 8 out of 10 adults use facebook, or that over the past few years church attendance world wide has been dramatically dropping? We find ourselves in an interesting spot. Continue ignoring the cultural change around us and eventually close down or accept that we need to rethink the way we reach out and reexamine our goals. After praying and thinking about all of this I came up with REVAMP. It's a 3 part overall goal for our church and it focuses on spreading the gospel of Christ as far and wide as humanly possible.

Part 1 - Connecting with people outside of our church

Like I said in the beginning of this page, 8 out of 10 adults are on Facebook and other social media platforms. In the past, we have put a $10-$20 ad on Facebook to bring attention to some of our events. With just $20, we reached over 2K people in just a 10 mile radius of the church. Facebook ads are an amazing way to reach out to our community and bring our church a little more into the light. The second area of this is actually this website. What's the first thing you do when you're thinking about visiting a new place? Almost 9.5 out of every 10 people will Google it. We are no different. Thousands of people see our website every quarter. We want to make sure that the website they see looks professional, welcoming, and easy to use.

Part 2 - Building Upgrade

After someone checks out the website and plans a visit, we want them to not only get our warm welcome as we've always done, but see that we are on the move. This part includes all of the technical and physical upgrades. I have planned to redesign the stage with hardwood and install lighting equipment so we can better control the ambiance of our worship and sermon service. I would also like to upgrade our sound board to a digital board for better sound quality and capabilities. The other portion includes monitors in the foyer and other common areas and installing hardwood. You can actually see some of these changes happening slowly as we build our fund. I also have planned to build a new media station next to the sound booth. This would basically extend the sound booth and enable all of the media ministries to work right next to each other. After building the new media station we will install a glass window in the opening above the sound booth and set up our interpreter equipment in that area, enabling our interpreter to be apart of the service.

Part 3 - More classes and small groups

I want to open more classes like: spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, pre-marriage and many more. I would also like us to start doing local small groups. We have a small glitch with this, we can't expect Pastor Jim to teach all of these classes. I need dedicated people in our church to open a class that God has put on your heart. If you are interested, please message me from the contact us page or find me at our Sunday service.

How you can help

It's up to us to keep our church moving and continue to reach our community. We are looking to raise $15,000 for all of our updates. However, cash isn't the only way you can help. We have already had 4 32" TV's donated and I've had multiple people extending a hand. It's these simple things that go such a long way. Donating materials and time is just as valuable as donating money.

Below, you'll find a "Donate" button. If you'd like to give to our fund, please click the button below and select "REVAMP Fund". Please keep in mind that the REVAMP fund does not stand in for your tithes. Your tithes are needed to keep the doors to our church open and keep our current ministries funded. The REVAMP Fund is only if you feel it in your heart to give just a little extra. Thank you in advance.

Get Involved

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